safety_realtor_safety_month_01_600x406September is Realtor® Safety Month

We've decided to launch our web site and begin offering our services in line with the National Association of Realtors® Safety Month Campaign.

It's time that you are safe as a Real Estate professional. We can help you stay safe and allow you to focus on your job.


Knowledge, Awareness and Empowerment are the key words that the National Association of Realtors® has coined. Knowledge is power.

  • Knowledge is powerful. Know who your prospects are. Know basic safety steps in protecting yourself.
  • Awareness is crucial. Know your surroundings. Know how to escape.
  • Empowerment is a solution. Empower yourself with confidence. There is Power in Numbers. Have an associate, friend or family member go with you. But when no one is available, have an Agent's Companion™ accompany you when meeting prospective Buyers and Sellers.

Your Safety and Security should not only be important to you during September. Your Safety is the most important part of your job. Have an Agent's Companion™ provide you with a Safe and Secure work environment while in the field EVERY DAY!.

National Association Of Realtor® Safety Video