Apps and Technology

Do they really offer Agent Safety?

We've reviewed five SmartPhone apps and technology devices and have the answer.

In all cases, the answer has to be NO. At best, the apps will summon help.

First. The apps rely on a Cell phone or satellite signal being strong enough to support the apps functionality. We all have been in areas where our cell phones barely had enough signal to make a voice call or send a text let alone support the video function that some apps offer.

Secondly. The apps that offer video monitoring, or location tracking can be hacked by predators. Increasing your chances of being targeted.

Thirdly. The devices that offer "Panic Buttons", as do mostly all apps or other devices, still leave you alone. You might be able to push the button and alert local police, but meanwhile, before they arrive, you are being attacked! The most you can do is fight for your life.

In our opinion, the answer has to be an emphatic NO. Apps and technology devices offer nothing more than "HELP". NOT SAFETY. The help will arrive only after the damage is done. And the Predator will probably steal your Cell phone too!

How Can Agents Truly Be Protected?

The best Defense is a good Offence. And the element of surprise is key in any Offensive tactic. After all, if you have a good Offence, you won't need to defend yourself. Make sense?

Predators know that most Real Estate Agents work alone. Predators may act as prospects to several Agents before deciding which one they will target.

If the predator contacts three different Agents to meet him or her for a Listing or Showing meeting and two of them had an Agent's Companion™ join them and one did not, which of the three do you think the predator will target?

How surprised do you think the Predator would be to find that he or she is outnumbered? Thus immediately and without question thwarting the potential intention of the predator. The two Agents with an Agent's Companion™ present might never know they were targets. But the one without an Agent's Companion™, would surely find out the hard way. Be smart.

This alone is the key element to your safety. "Power is in Numbers". There is currently NO technology that can do what an Agent's Companion™ can do. 

Schedule an Agent's Companion™
to join you for any prospective client meeting or Open House.