safety_being_followed_01_350x233What can you do to protect yourself?

  1. Most Broker Agency Offices have a Security and/or Safety Policy. Step One is to read and follow the policy.
  2. Take a Security and Safety Course offered by most Realtor® Associations
  3. Obtain a Concealed Hand Gun Permit and carry a weapon.
  4. Take a Self Defense Course realtor-safety
  5. Have an Agent’s Companion™ join you when meeting your new Prospect or when holding an Open House.

 Here's the problem with the above 1-4 items.

  1. Though a policy might exist, it generally involves codes and phone calls between someone at your office and you in the field. There is no immediate protection, safety or security for you. And even if a safety concern is initiated, the police are precious minutes away and probably get there to late. Even if the policy suggests you take an associate along with you, often times, there's no one available due to their own busy schedule.
  2. Taking a Security and Safety Course should be mandatory to familiarize yourself with the potential dangers that exist in the Real Estate Industry. However, too many Agents don't bother.
  3. Obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit and carrying a weapon, is only good if the weapon is readily available, you are prepared to use it, practice regularly and know the 100 answers to the 100 questions that will go through your mind in about 3 seconds before pulling the trigger. And the will to pull that trigger can easily be thwarted by your assailant.
  4. Again, like Item 3, Self Defense tactics are great to know. However, without practice, stamina, a bit of strength and where-with-all to perform the techniques taught, you still "stand alone".
    Which brings me to number 5.
  5. There is NO fallacy with this option. You no longer need to stand alone.
    1. Common sense will tell you that there is power in numbers. Since it is more common than not, for a Real Estate Agent to attend these type of events alone, you are an easy target for Rapists, Robbers and Murderers. The mere fact that you have someone with you is more than likely going to be enough to make the predator think twice before committing his/her horrific act.
    2. And what about when holding an Open House? Quite often, you are distracted, talking to one person, perhaps working as a team, another potential thief roams the house helping themselves to the home owners valuables. Or worse, there's a mugger that goes and hides waiting to grab you while working a real prospective customer.. A second set of eyes are priceless in these scenarios.
    3. Even if you followed your Safety and Security Policy implicitly for a potential Seller wanting you to list their property, such as having them meet you at your office, obtain copies of their drivers license and so on, you get in the car, follow them to their house and find that there is a house full of unsavory people. And YOU ARE ALONE!

Agent's Companion™ is the answer. We offer professional personnel to inconspicuously accompany you to any Buyer's or Seller's meeting or Open House. Find out how little it costs to be safe and have peace of mind by clicking here.