240x320_jw_headshot_rHello, my name is John Williams. I’m a Retired Law Enforcement Professional trained in numerous Safety and Security methods. I’ve also been an NC REALTOR® since 2007 (inactive now) and have often talked to my peers from many different agencies about Safety and Security. Sadly, I can’t tell you how many, especially new agents, are even aware of how dangerous their job really is. After all, for the most part, you work alone. You meet people every day that you know nothing about. You meet them in sometimes out of the way places.

It only takes one bad prospect to ruin your life!


After doing some research I found that there is no current solution available to properly protect Real Estate Agents. Well, I have a solution. Agent's Companion™.

Agent's Companion™ is NOT a body guard service. Though we are trained in self defense tactics, our purpose is not to be physical. Our purpose is to be smart! Everyone knows that there is "Power In Numbers". We are simply offering you professional personnel to accompany you, when no one else is available, simply to "level the playing field" so to speak.

So give it some thought. Most importantly, talk to your associates and peers. Then schedule an Agent's Companion™ by calling us or by way of our simple on-line scheduling system available without needing any sort of app or registration.