In today’s society, safety and security should be in the forefront of every Realtor® business plan.

How much do you spend on your Personal Safety and Security?
From the moment you get your Real Estate License, you spend hundreds of dollars to expose yourself and your personal information on every form of media possible in order to get your name in front of prospects. Placing your picture, phone number and contact information on Social Media, Flyers, Business Cards and just about any type of marketing materials you can afford. And some of those marketing items are expensive. But how much do you spend on your personal Safety and Security? How much is your Safety and Security worth to you? If you’ve not given this any thought, my guess is that it’s worth very little to you in comparison. And this type of thinking can get you hurt!

What is often over looked is the fact that not only prospects see this information, but unscrupulous people, who are merely looking for an opportunity to do you harm, also see this information. You can’t possibly tell the difference between a legitimate prospect and a predator, or eliminate possible predators from your marketing endeavors. There have been numerous accounts of Real Estate Agents and Realtor’s® being targeted by rapists, murderers and other wackos making your job a very dangerous one.

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